LOOK: J.J. Watt at NCAA title game with Caroline Wozniacki

J.J. Watt and Caroline Wozniacki? (USATSI)
J.J. Watt and Caroline Wozniacki? (USATSI)

J.J. Watt is at the NCAA title game, which shouldn't come as surprise to anyone because Watt attended Wisconsin and Wisconsin's playing in the game. 

What should come as surprise to everyone though is who Watt's with. The Texans defensive end is sitting next to tennis star Caroline Wozniacki.

I have no clue if they're dating or if they're just friends or if J.J.'s going to propose after the game or if Rory McIlroy set them up on a blind date, but I do know this: Wozniacki really, really, really went out of her way to make it to the game.

Wozniacki was in Washington D.C. on Monday morning, where she played tennis with President Obama. 

So to get to the NCAA title game, Wozniacki had to ditch the president, jump on a plane for a two hour flight to Indy and get to Lucas Oil Stadium by the game's 9:18 p.m. ET tipoff. Check, check and check.

She even made it in time to get on the big screen.  

By the way, it's almost as if Wozniacki and Watt knew what would happen once they were pictured together at the game.  Just look at that picture at the top of the page, they're both looking at their phones and laughing. I bet they are on Twitter reading everything that's being written about them. 

Anyway, Wozniacki isn't the only person Watt was photographed with at the game, he also found Charles Barkley. 

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