Let's take a dive into the most ridiculous NFL story of the year thus far, the controversy that is John Wall appearing at a Redskins game while wearing a Cowboys jersey.

Wall is a 26-year-old player for the Washington Wizards and therefore lives in the D.C. area. As a citizen of the United States, he is more than welcome to root for whatever team he wants. As a Wizards player, he's probably better off not showing up at a Cowboys-Redskins game dressed in an Emmitt Smith jersey.

But he did anyway and people are kind of freaking out a little bit.

Here's Wall in a Cowboys jersey, signing a Cowboys banner that Fed Ex Field before the game.

The jersey was an Emmitt Smith throwback jersey, and Wall even went so far as to throw up the "X" before having a chat with Dez Bryant on the sidelines before the game.

The Cowboys official Twitter account got a shot of Wall on the sideline wearing the jersey, looking slightly less than thrilled about his picture being taken, realizing exactly what was about to unfold in his mentions.

And just because this story needed a beautiful cherry on top, here's Bradley Beal's Instagram post from before the game. Just a picture of Ezekiel Elliott looking awesome.

Uh oh! 😳

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As you probably imagine, D.C.-area sports fans handled this with grace and aplomb.

It's not a big deal because anyone can be a fan of any team, and it's not Wall's responsibility to be a Redskins fan just because he was drafted by the Wizards.

However, Washington sports fans are a sensitive bunch, and with an 0-2 start on the books and their top basketball player repping their hated rival on the sideline while said hated rival beats the Redskins, you can understand why there's a little extra salt on everyone's eggs this morning.