LOOK: Johnny Manziel now hanging out with a dreadlocked Justin Bieber

Johnny Manziel's whirlwind offseason continued over the weekend when he met up with Justin Bieber at a nightclub in Los Angeles. 

The unemployed quarterback has done a good job of staying in the news lately. If you've somehow lost track of what Manziel's been up to since he was cut by the Browns on March 11, here's a brief rehash:

Manziel's life is basically a fantasy bucket list for anyone who likes to party and hang out with 22-year-old male pop stars. No one's had this much fun partying since the Situation was on Jersey Shore

The good news for Manziel is that his hangout time with Bieber went slightly better than they did the last time around. Back in July 2014, Manziel and Bieber were at a party together when the cops got called. 

This time around, the cops weren't called and Bieber capped the bromance weekend by winning an IHeartRadio Award on Sunday night. 

The bad news for Manziel is that partying every night isn't exactly a good look for someone trying to make it as an NFL quarterback. Manziel's cross-county party tour comes less than three weeks after he hired new agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus has been insisting that there's an NFL market for Manziel, which is hard to believe, unless Manziel has been partying in Los Angeles in a crazy attempt to get the Rams to notice him. 

According to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, teams likely won't show any interest in Manziel until he's willing to make "some major life changes and makes real strides towards sobriety."

Johnny Manziel has a new best friend. (Instagram/JustinBieber)
Johnny Manziel has a new best friend. (Instagram/JustinBieber)

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