It's hard to imagine finding a worse matchup than the Jets-49ers game on Sunday afternoon. San Francisco is on an 11-game losing streak since beating the Rams in Week 1, and the Jets just rolled over and played dead at home on national television against the Colts less than seven days ago.

So, yeah, not a great reason for people to leave the house for several hours and spend tons of money at Levi's Stadium. Photos of the stands on social media confirm the lack of interest.

This isn't a new trend either. There weren't big crowds in October against the Buccaneers, and their last home game against the Patriots was basically a stadium full of New England-clad fans screaming for Tom Brady to throw touchdowns.

It was a pretty embarrassing thing for the 49ers.

10 minutes to kickoff. Check out that crowd!!!

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Sunday Football 🏈😎

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Crowd shots on social media can be misleading, but there isn't an angle of the stadium that makes it look like there are a lot of people in the stands.

9ers! #SanFrancisco #49ers

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Some of the angles are really bad.

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🏈 Sunday #homeofthefaithful?

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The Niners are lucky their seats are red, because otherwise it would be REALLY obvious that people weren't there. The color at least blends in with what most people are wearing at the game.

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Not blending in, however, is the banner that flew above Levi's Stadium before the game. It was directed at Jed York and read "Jed, you reap what you sow. Fire Baalke."

The folks who bought the banner may get their wish -- CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reports that Baalke is likely going to get axed by San Francisco after this season.

At least the nachos look good.

I'm just here for the food and drinks

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