After the Falcons lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI, it was pretty clear that someone had put a voodoo spell on them. How else do you blow a 25-point lead in the second half?

The biggest mystery following the game wasn't Tom Brady's missing jersey, it was one simple question, "Who put a voodoo spell on the Falcons?"

Some people thought it was Lady Gaga.

Other people thought it was Bill Belichick.

As it turns out, both of those answers are wrong. The voodoo came from exactly where you would think voodoo would come from, the voodoo capital of the country: New Orleans.

Here is proof of the voodoo. This Twitter user below took a picture of a float that's reportedly scheduled to participate in the city's annual Mardi Gras parade on Feb. 28, and as you'll notice, there is a giant voodoo doll on top of the float.

There was a voodoo spell on the Falcons Twitter/Nader723

The side of the float is even better (or possibly worse, depending on your point of view). It rubs the Super Bowl loss in with a picture of two players and a saying that says, "The Young and the Ringless."

The moral of the story here seems pretty simple: Don't mess with New Orleans or it will put a voodoo spell on you and then you'll blow a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl.

And then everyone in New Orleans will celebrate your loss.