LOOK: Matthew McConaughey takes out full-page ad for Nick Foles in Texas paper

Nick Foles is probably going to want make sure he gets his hands on a Sunday copy of the Austin American-Statesman, and that's because there's a big surprise in there for him. 

The surprise comes from actor Matthew McConaughey, who took out a full-page ad on Sunday to congratulate Foles following the Eagles' 41-33 Super Bowl win over the Patriots. In what might be the most McConaughey thing ever, the actor also threw some advice into the ad, "Just keep livin."

Although McConaughey is a huge Washington Redskins fan, he still bought the ad for Foles, and that's probably because the only thing McConaughey loves more than the Redskins is the entire state of Texas. If the University of Texas is playing in a football game, it's almost guaranteed that you'll see McConaughey on the sideline once or twice per season. 

The connection with Foles is that the Eagles quarterback is from Austin, which is where McConaughey currently lives. Not only was Foles born in Austin, but he also went to high school there, which is why McConaughey bought the ad in the Austin American-Statesman.

Foles might actually be more popular than even McConaughey right now in Austin. Not only did he get a full-page ad from the actor, but he also has his own day. On Feb. 9, the mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, proclaimed it to be Nick Foles Day. 

If you're scoring at home, Foles has now won Super Bowl MVP, went to Disney World for free, has his own day in Austin and had an actor buy him a full-page ad in a Texas newspaper. It definitely hasn't been a bad week for Nick Foles. 

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