Aaron Rodgers got obliterated by David Bakhtiari in a beer chugging contest during Thursday's Eastern Conference Finals showdown between the Bucks and Raptors. While that's an understandable outcome -- you're dealing with an offensive lineman against a quarterback. That's basically pitting a Harley Davidson against a tricycle.

But Matthew Stafford wanted to let the world know that some quarterbacks can chug.

His wife Kelly Stafford's shared a video on her Instagram of the Lions quarterback chugging a beer, but the lead-up is the best part, because you can see he's physically disgusted with Rodgers while others in the video are clearly having a perfectly amicable conversation.

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He even looks down at the beer like "guess we're doing this."

While this can easily be dismissed a Georgia quarterback going up against a Cal one, Rodgers has been in Wisconsin since 2005. He should be no stranger the Midwestern blanket at this point.

Maybe this is why the Lions have won three of the last four games at Lambeau Field between these teams. Stafford is just showing up warmer. If any quarterback drink his own line under the table, it's probably Stafford.