Less than one month after being released by the Bears, Jay Cutler is enjoying unemployment so much that there’s a feeling in the NFL that he might not play during the 2017 season. 

According to Adam Hoge of WGN Radio, there’s a ‘strong belief’ at the annual NFL owners meeting that Cutler will sit out the upcoming season. As surprising as it might sound that Cutler might take the year off, that’s actually not the first time that the possibility has been mentioned. 

Back in February, NFL.com reported that Cutler wasn’t just thinking about taking the 2017 off, but he was actually mulling over the possibility of retiring permanently. 

We don’t know what Cutler thinks about those reports because he hasn’t spoken to the media since being released, but if his wife’s Instagram page is any indication, I think Cutler wants us all to kiss his bottomside. 

Why do I think that? Because hours after WGN mentioned the possibility of Cutler not playing in 2017, Cutler’s wife, Kristin Cavallari, shared a very revealing picture of the quarterback on Instagram, and by “very revealing,” I mean he was completely naked. 

The NSFW picture only shows the backside of Cutler, which you can see by clicking here. On a somewhat related note, the downside of looking at the photo is that you might start referring to the veteran quarterback as Jay Buttler. 

Anyway, if Cutler doesn’t plan on playing in 2017, that makes sense, because he’s definitely acting like it. 

For one, he seems to be enjoying his time off. 

Swingin' around ☀️

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He’s also drinking as much rose as possible and letting his wife make snapchat videos of him. 

Like, seriously, he’s been drinking a lot of rose. 

Jay Cutler seems to love rose Snapchat

That doesn’t look like a guy who plans on playing in 2017. 

Retirement might be the best option for a quarterback who was never fully appreciated. As our Sean Wagner-McGough wrote back when Cutler was released by the Bears, the veteran quarterback left Chicago as one of the most underappreciated and most misunderstood quarterbacks ever. 

Maybe retirement is the smarter option, because based on his pictures, his wife definitely seems to be appreciating him more than the Bears did. Cutler has also banked roughly $112 million in pay over the course of his career, so money likely won’t be enough to get him to return if he really wants to retire. 

Of course, Cutler could be just taking a month or two off to let his 33-year-old body recover from the rigors of an NFL season. The quarterback could sit out offseason training activities and then decide to sign with a team just before training camp.