Twitter Screen Capture

The Rams have had plenty of time to plot out a re-brand that has been in the works since the franchise relocated back to Los Angeles in 2016. With all that time has come quite a bit of pressure to nail the new look, and the team is getting ready to officially unveil their new branding ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft next month. 

They teased the transition this weekend with a video on Twitter: 

Shortly after that teaser, a leaked photo purportedly showing a hat emblazoned with the team's new logo hit the internet. The logo hasn't been officially confirmed, and many fans are hoping that it never will be ... because a whole lot of people seem to hate the new style. 

Have a look for yourself:

Shortly after the hat leak hit the web, a cleaner image of the supposed logo surfaced:

One of the most common critical responses to the leak is that the intended ram horn that is incorporated into the design sort of looks like a lightning bolt and/or a 'C,' which isn't great considering the Rams share a city, and stadium, with the Chargers. If you showed an uninformed person the logo, they may have no idea which Los Angeles team it represents.

People usually tend to resist change before eventually adjusting and accepting, and sometimes the initial criticisms end up seeming overblown. But judging from the early reactions, this logo has been almost universally panned -- at least for its intended use with the Rams -- and that may not change if it ultimately is employed as the team's primary logo. (People may care less if it ends up being a secondary or alternate logo.) 

The redesign has been in the works since the team moved from St. Louis but the club elected to wait until they were ready to move into their new stadium before switching things up. With SoFi Stadium awaiting them for the 2020 season, it's time to finally pull the cover off the new look. According to The Athletic's Rich Hammond, the team plans to reveal their logo before the draft but will wait until after the draft to unveil new uniforms. 

Hopefully any uniform leaks end up faring better.