LOOK: NFL teams break out their best (and worst) puns for Valentine's Day

It's February 14. You football-lovers out there know what that means. It's the day when NFL teams attempt to get creative with their pun game by sending out team and player-themed Valentine's Day cards for their fans to use on their significant others. 

This year, things got weird. 

The New York Giants kicked things off early this morning by giving their fans four different options. For the Giants fan in your life, please consider a Valentine's Day card that features Eli Manning and Odell Beckham reenacting "Dirty Dancing." 

Division rival Washington played things safe, simply going with football-related themes for players like Josh Doctson and Josh Norman. The Colts did the same thing. There is almost no creativity here. 

The Packers did a little better with a Lambeau Leap-themed option. 

The Ravens went an interesting route. "You make me sizzle" is not exactly a standard V-Day card saying, but when you're referencing Terrell Suggs' nickname, it kind of works. 

The Lions tried to sneak in as many player-name puns as humanly possible. And it was great. Even better was their coach Matt Patricia-themed card, referencing the inside baseball-knowledge that Patricia always keeps a pencil behind his ear. 

A Titans-themed "I 'pick' you" card featuring NFL interception leader Kevin Byard on it works really nicely. 

Sorry, Buffalo, but the Bills got lazy here. Unless your valentine knows that LeSean McCoy surpassed 10,000 career rushing yards during the 2017 season, they likely won't understand this one. 

Sometimes a player's name is so perfectly Valentine-themed that you don't even have to make a pun. Just ask the Patriots and the Bears

Sometimes none of your players have Valentine-themed names and you have to try WAY too hard to make a poem. The Panthers know all about that. 

Maybe you're trying to get cute and "appeal to millennials." (I can make fun of brands that try to do that because I am a millennial and know that anyone "trying to appeal to millennials" is already doing it wrong.) In that case, you might hope your valentine is a Rams fan. 

Then again, sometimes the simplest Valentine's Day card is the best. Just ask the Eagles

Yep. That'll work. 

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