LOOK: No one can get rid of Browns-Bills tickets even at ridiculously cheap prices

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but there aren't many people interested in going to see the Browns play the Bills on Sunday. Cleveland is 0-13, desperate for a win, and traveling to Orchard Park, New York, to go against Rex Ryan, who might be more desperate for a victory than the Browns.

Losing to Cleveland? That would probably sink Rex's battleship, potentially as soon as Monday.

So while there's a lot at stake, it's not an exciting contest. And folks in Buffalo are having a hard time getting rid of tickets.

On TicketCity prices are laughable, with literally hundreds of tickets available for around $10.


The same thing is the case on StubHub right now, with tickets as low as $6.95.


On the NFL's official Ticket Exchange site, there's nothing lower than $70, which is laughable. The guess is those prices will drop dramatically come Sunday, just like the prices of the Jets-Colts game from a few weeks ago, when tickets were available on NFL Ticket Exchange for less than $10.

Meanwhile, a Bills season-ticket holder named Dan Rosenberg told Mike Rodak of ESPN he can't even get $20 apiece for his two 100-level season tickets, which retail for $68 per ticket for this game.

"I come up for a few games per season," he said in an email to Rodak. "With the loss to the Steelers [last Sunday], I have no desire to come up for the Browns game. So I have to sell the tickets, and truthfully may have to give them away. No one wants to pay even $20 for them."

The weather probably doesn't help matters either. It's supposed to be in the mid-20s with snow.

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This isn't going to be good football played in Buffalo on Sunday and it's going to be in ugly weather. You can't blame people for not being thrilled about going to the game.

If you're desperate to go to a football game and don't want to spend much money, this is the game for you.

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