Everything about Odell Beckham can be summed up in a the touchdown catch he made on Sunday afternoon against the Eagles in helping the Giants storm back from a 14-0 deficit. Beckham, who would later add another score with another beautiful catch, couldn't help himself on the first touchdown and picked up 15-yard penalty for his celebration.

The violation? Crawling around and pretending he was a dog urinating on an imaginary fire hydrant or tree of some sort. 

Here is the catch in question:

And here is the celebration:

This is the Joe Buck-Troy Aikman game, so it's a little disappointing that we didn't get Buck melting down about what a "disgusting act" it was for Beckham to fake tinkle. 

via NFL Broadcast

Beckham's game is predicated on freakish athleticism, but he's also got a whole lot of raw emotion and mental immaturity to his game as well. That was shown with the celebration, which was hysterical, but quite obviously going to result in a penalty.

Sure enough, Beckham was flagged and the Giants lost 15 yards. It didn't ultimately matter, because the Giants would get the ball back quickly after a Carson Wentz fumble. And Beckham would add to his legendary history of big catches a few plays later with a second touchdown catch. This one was even more impressive, a leaping, juggling, one-handed grab to tie the game at 14. 

The Giants would ultimately lose thanks to a 61-yard field goal from Jake Elliott as time expired. Which means we can definitely expect some "Is Odell the problem?" hot takery at some point. Spoiler: he is not.