It's Color Rush Thursday, y'all, which means that when the Cardinals visit the 49ers both teams will look like this:

The black-on-black color scheme is nice, right?

Notice anything else? Like the similarities between the two uniforms? The league noticed too, and to avoid another Bills-Jets Color (Blind) Rush event, the visiting Cardinals were given two options: Wear their traditional white-on-whites, or a specially designed all-white uniform from Nike, the company behind the Color Rush looks.

Arizona opted for the traditional all-whites.

Good news, though: Cards fans can purchase the Color Rush jerseys with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the NFL Foundation.

The Cardinals, meanwhile, are one of several teams not wearing the Color Rush uniforms in 2016. The reasons vary from similar color schemes to the aforementioned color blind issues to not playing on Thursday night. Those teams include the Texans, Falcons, Browns, Rams, Colts, Lions, Redskins and Jets.