Now that Aaron Rodgers has been paid, it looks like someone else in Green Bay is hoping to get paid this week and that someone is Packers wide receiver Davante Adams

After watching Rodgers sign his new four-year extension on Wednesday, Adams tweeted out a friendly reminder to Rodgers about a debt that apparently dates back two years. 

Rodgers' four-year extension is worth a total of $134 million, so he shouldn't have any trouble paying off the $20 debt. Of course, if Adams is smart, he'll charge Rodgers at least 800 percent in interest, and if we compound that over two years, well, let's just say that Rodgers might just have to write his entire contract over to Adams. 

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The best part of this entire situation is that apparently a lot of people out there have a friend or two like Rodgers. Basically, the friend has the money to pay you back, they just can't ever remember to send it to you. 

In Rodgers' defense, it's possible that he thought he was supposed to pay Adams back in touchdown passes. Over the past two years, Rodgers has thrown a total of 22 touchdown passes to Adams, which I think more than pays off the debt, especially since those numbers were a big reason why the Packers decided to sign Adams to a four-year, $58 million extension in December.