LOOK: Patriots call out 'New York Times' for White House photo tweet: 'Lacks context'

If you follow Donald Trump on Twitter, then you probably know that one of his favorite things to do on the social media site is to call out the New York Times for their "#FakeNews." If you don't follow him on Twitter, well, then just trust me, it's one of his favorite things to do. 

Trump must've inspired the Patriots because the NFL team also called out the Times following the team's visit to the White House on Wednesday

It all started a few hours after the Patriots celebration ended when the Times tweeted out a photo that showed the difference between the team's entourage in 2015 -- when Barack Obama was president -- and the size of the team's entourage in 2017 with Trump. 

As you can clearly see in the photo above, there are slightly more people in the 2015 photo behind the president. 

So does that mean the entire team stayed home because they didn't want to visit with Trump? Not exactly. 

As it turns out, there's a actually a completely valid explanation for the discrepancy, and the Patriots made sure to tweet out that explanation to the Times on Wednesday night. 

As you can see in the team's explanation, the 2015 photo included 40 members of the Patriots' staff who weren't on the stairs for the 2017 photo. 

In reality, the total delegation of people (players plus coaches plus staff) sent to the White House was nearly the same in each year. The biggest difference came with the amount of players who attended the event. 

In 2015, Obama hosted a total of 50 players. In 2017, Trump only hosted 34 players. Also, for the record, neither president got to meet Tom Brady at their Super Bowl celebration because the Patriots quarterback skipped out on the White House trip in both years

Although Obama hosted more players in 2015, Trump got to do something Obama didn't: He fist-bumped Rob Gronkowski in the Oval Office. 

There's even a picture that proved the fist bump happened, so we know it's not #FakeNews. 

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