LOOK: Patriots fans are convinced the 'Madden' curse got Rob Gronkowski

After Rob Gronkowski's latest injury, don't be surprised if every player in the NFL refuses the chance to be on the cover of the next edition of the popular "Madden" video game franchise. That's because everyone on the internet is again convinced that the "Madden" curse is real.

If you're not familiar with the "Madden" curse, here's the CliffNotes version: Basically, almost every player who's been on the cover of "Madden" since 1999 has had an ugly end to their season.

The 'Madden' curse has had almost a dozen victims. EA Sports

From Garrison Hearst's broken ankle ("Madden 99") to Donovan McNabb's sports hernia surgery ("Madden 2006") to Peyton Hillis' career ending ("Madden 2012"), plenty of former NFL players have been struck by the supposed curse.

As a matter of fact, Hillis actually believes it exists.

"Things didn't work in my favor [in 2011]," Hillis said in December 2011. "There's a few things that happened this year that made me believe in curses. Ain't no doubt about it."

Apparently, Patriots fans completely agree with Hillis because they're convinced that Gronk's downfall was brought on by the curse.

The guy below doesn't ever want to see another Patriots player on the "Madden" cover ever again.

This guy from EA Sports sounds like he agrees: No more Patriots players on the cover of "Madden."

At this point, I don't think Belichick would let Patriots be on the cover, even if they wanted to.

Anyway, dozens and dozens of Patriots fans have had it with the "Madden" curse.

If a player from your favorite team is picked for the "Madden" cover next season, you'll just want to go ahead and give up on the season.

As for Gronk, he's expected to miss up to eight weeks after he undergoes back surgery this week.

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