This shouldn't come as a surprise, but the Patriots are definitely not over Deflategate -- the dumb scandal about underinflated footballs that resulted in the loss of two draft picks, a million bucks, four games of Tom Brady, and our collective will to live.

On the winners' podium after Super Bowl LI -- in which the Patriots completed a historic comeback over the Falcons -- Patriots owner Robert Kraft called the Patriots' fifth Super Bowl "the sweetest," saying "a lot has transpired in the last two years." Bill Belichick and Brady appeared to laugh as boos rained down on Roger Goodell. The pro-Patriots crowd chanted "Roger!"

And then there's the shirt Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia wore as he stepped off the plane in Boston on Monday:

Yep -- that's a Goodell clown shirt. Here's a closer look at the shirt, via Barstool Sports:

Barstool Sports

If Patricia wears the shirt to the Patriots' parade, he might just top shirtless J.R. Smith for the best post-championship wardrobe choice.

Gronk's 69 jersey two years ago also comes close.