The Patriots Super Bowl victory parade was supposed to be a celebration of the team's fifth Lombardi Trophy but it turned into an impromptu rally against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the man responsible for Tom Brady's four-game suspension for whatever his role was in the Deflategate nonsense.

And so a day after Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was spotted wearing a Goodell clown t-shirt, the entire city of Boston joined in to ridicule the commissioner.

A sampling:

NFL Network said during its live coverage that it looked like 80 percent of the signs at the parade were of the anti-Goodell variety. Also, this:

On a lighter note, we have proof that players and fans actually used the parade to, you know, celebrate arguably the greatest win in Super Bowl history.

If Goodell is looking for a silver lining, this is the best we could come up with: In a conversation with PFT's Mike Florio earlier in the day, former Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak, who now works for the Patriots Radio Network, set the over-under for players wearing Goodell clown shirts during the parade at 10. (Zolak added that every player has a shirt.)

Based on social media and the wire, we haven't seen a single instance of it. Not yet, anyway.