LOOK: Players, media, celebrities react to Deflategate punishments

The punishment is in and the Patriots were hit hard by the league for Deflategate. Tom Brady will miss four games. The Patriots will lose draft picks -- including a first rounder -- and a million dollars.  

Now that the Patriots have been punished, the reactions are flying. Some think the punishment is too harsh, some are happy to see the Patriots get knocked down, and some (Donald Trump) are just typing Tweets without looking at their keyboards. 

Here are some of the best reactions via Twitter, starting with the those who are most outraged with the NFL's discipline for the Patriots. Patrick Peterson's Tweet, which contains an ellipsis, could be sarcastic or it could be serious. But there are a lot of periods in that Tweet, so it's placed in the first category.

Now, some were happy to see the Patriots get punished. Eli Manning appears to be a bit conflicted with how he feels.

And of course, the NFL experts and the media weighed in.

Then, there are the reactions that don't really fit into a right or wrong category, but deserve to be seen nonetheless.

And there you have it, though it's still early and the reactions should continue to trickle in.

Peavy (Getty Images)
Some weren't pleased with Brady's four-game suspension. (Getty Images)
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