LOOK: Police departments have Twitter spat over Broncos, Vikings

The Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings are not what you'd call "rivals," as they play in different conferences and meet once every four years.

But you'd never know it based on Tuesday's Twitter fight between the Minnesota and Colorado Police Departments.

It began when Wyoming, Minn., law enforcement tweeted out a reminder for #TalkingTuesday, evidently a weekly Q&A.

... And the Denver PD responded.

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That's all it took. We're off.

It was at this moment that Broncos Country, well represented, decided to pull out the big guns (no pun intended).

Which is when Skol Nation responded with a low-blow, mocking the Broncos for last Thursday's loss to the Chargers.

Things eventually cooled off, with both accounts retreating to their proverbial corners. Wyoming PD did manage to get in the last word, though.

The Broncos and Vikings aren't scheduled to face off again until 2018. In the meantime, we'll have to settle for innocuous (I think) Twitter fights between two proud fan bases.

Hey, at least it helps to pass the time.

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