LOOK: Raiders punter just solved Marshawn Lynch's biggest comeback problem

With Marshawn Lynch interested in the Raiders and the Raiders interested in Marshawn Lynch, there only seems to be one thing that’s really holding up Beast Mode’s comeback: He doesn’t have any cleats.  

You see, when Lynch abruptly retired during Super Bowl 50, he did so by tweeting out a picture of a pair of cleats. 

Metaphorically, I think that is Lynch hanging up his cleats. 

However, Raiders punter Marquette King clearly doesn’t believe in metaphors because he decided to “track” down Marshawn’s missing shoes, and it looks like he “found” them. 

Here is King cutting down Lynch’s cleats so that Marshawn has a pair to use when he makes his comeback. 

@beastmode Aye brah! I got your cleats back for ya... #BeastMode

A post shared by Marquette King (@marquetteking) on

It took an international investigation to find Tom Brady’s stolen jersey, while King didn’t need anyone’s help to find Marshawn’s cleats. What a (future?) teammate. You can bet King is going to get some free Skittles out of this. 

If you’re wondering why King is so interested in having Lynch land with the Raiders, it seems that he really just wants someone to carry his shoulder pads during training camp. 

The downside for King is that Lynch isn’t actually his teammate yet. For Beast Mode to make the move to Oakland, he’ll have to unretire and then convince the Seahawks to cut him or trade him to the Raiders. 

Knowing King, he’s probably on the phone with the Seahawks right now trying to facilitate the trade. 

Anyway, it’s probably safe to say that no one in NFL had a weirder weekend than King. 

Besides hunting down Marshawn’s cleats, he also took some time to go punt at a local football field, which sounds normal until you realize that he was punting while hearing a green Power Rangers’ outfit. 

Marquette King had a fun weekend.  Instagram

I think that’s his way of telling us that we should see the new Power Rangers’ movie. 

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