LOOK: Rams fans already seem to hate the team's updated uniform combination

If the Rams are looking for something to do between now and the start of training camp, they might want to consider redesigning their uniforms again because their fans already seem to hate the most recent changes that the team made. Back in March, the team announced that it would be making some minor modifications for the upcoming season. Most notably, the Rams said they would be getting rid of the color gold from both their helmets and their pants.  

When the Rams originally announced the changes, the new look was unveiled in a series of illustrations. It wasn't until this week that fans actually got to see what the uniforms would look like on an actual player, and let's just say things didn't go well when the team unveiled the new look. 

Here's a look at Connor Barwin modeling the uniform in a Facebook post that the Rams shared on Flag Day. 

Barwin carrying the Banner #FlagDay 🇺🇸

Posted by Los Angeles Rams on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

After the picture was posted on Facebook, the negative reaction was almost immediate. 

Dozens of fans shared their opinion about the new look on Facebook, and from what I can tell, almost all of them hated the new uniforms. 

This guy clearly doesn't like the Rams' new look Facebook

"I'm sorry but the new temporary uniforms look ridiculous," one fan wrote. "The helmet, jersey, and pants are all completely different from each other. The Rams should have just stuck with the old unis until the complete redesign when the new stadium opens."

That guy's opinion seemed to be the general sentiment of every fan on the Rams' Facebook page. 

"These uniforms are horrible," another fan wrote. "They look like the freshman football team where everything is hand me downs and nothing matches."

Another fan said that it looks like a toddler handled the redesign. 

 "This uniform concept looks like it was thrown together by a pre-schooler," the fan wrote. 

Another fan simply wrote, "Trash."

I'm assuming he was referring to the uniforms and not the way the team played last year. 

The Rams started wearing all-white uniforms at home in 2016, and you can see what that combination looked like last year. 

Tavon Austin shows off the Rams' uniforms from 2016.  USATSI

For the upcoming season, the gold stripe on the pants and the gold horns on the helmet have both been eliminated. Instead, the horns on the helmet will be white and the pants will only feature one giant blue stripe. 

The reason the uniform is kind of weird looking this year is because the Rams are in the process are in a complete overhaul. Unfortunately though, they're not allowed to modify for their jersey top this year due to NFL rules. The team is hoping to unveil a new jersey top when the Rams' new stadium opens in 2020, which means Rams fans could be staring at uniforms they hate for the next three seasons (The team had originally planned to unveil the new uniform tops in 2019 when the new stadium was originally slated to open, but now, they'll likely delay the new look since the new stadium has been delayed). 

The Rams chose to wear a blue and white helmet as a nod to their past. The team wore blue and white helmets from 1964 to 1972, a period that included the birth of the team's "Fearsome Foursome" defensive line.

Anyway, the small irony in all of this is that the fans did have some say in the uniform. Back in February, fans voted on the pants (one blue stripe or two) and the color of the facemask on the helmet (white or gray). 

Of course, the one thing they didn't get to vote on was whether or not all the shades of blue would be the same. 

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