This might be hard to believe, but sometimes, football isn't the most important sport going on at a given moment. That especially rings true during the Olympics and Week 1 of the NFL preseason.

Even NFL players agree. During the Panthers-Ravens preseason game at M&T Bank Stadium on Thursday, the game stopped for a brief moment.

Not because of an unruly fan running on the field -- that honor belonged to Soldier Field -- but because Michael Phelps was in the process of winning his 22nd Olympic gold medal.

Phelps is, of course, from Baltimore, which is why the Ravens stopped the game. It's why Phelps ended up laughing during the national anthem on Tuesday. It's why Ravens coach John Harbaugh congratulated Phelps at his postgame press conference, per the Ravens' Twitter account.

And, it's (one reason) why fans in attendance for the Ravens' preseason opener showed their support for Phelps.

The Ravens ended up beating the Panthers by three. Phelps ended up winning his 26th overall medal at the Olympics.

Phelps wins.