LOOK: Richard Sherman shows off huge collection of swapped NFL jerseys

Richard Sherman doesn’t have Tom Brady’s stolen jersey, but he does have dozens of other ones that he legally obtained, and we know that because the Seahawks corner showed off his gigantic jersey collection on Sunday. 

Sherman is one of several players in the NFL who participates in a postgame jersey swap, where he trades his uniform top with a player from another team. 

The practice has gained some serious popularity over the past few years, and as you can see below, Sherman has made a habit of trading jerseys with pretty much every big name player he’s ever gone up against. 

Looking through the closet .... quite the collection...

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Odell Beckham? Check. 

Antonio Brown? Check. 

Calvin Johnson? Check. 

Charles Woodson? Check. 

DeSean Jackson? Check. 

If he wanted to sell it, that Tom Brady jersey could probably send Sherman’s kid through college. 

Jersey swapping is so popular right now that even retired players are getting in on the action. Back in November, ESPN analyst Randy Moss traded a jersey with Beckham. 

When it comes to big names, Beckham might be the only active player who has a better collection than Sherman. 

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