LOOK: Robert Griffin III honors military with Memorial Day cleats

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and people will show their patriotism in countless ways. If you're Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, that patriotism manifests itself through footwear.

It's not the first time RG3 has honored the troops with his shoes. Back during the season, he sported these for Veteran's Day.

Both Griffin's parents were in the Army, and his father has said his military background helped mold RG3 into the player -- and person -- he is today.

“The discipline the military has, the forethought, the planning, the backup planning, the after-action reviews, when I started to train Robert those are some of the tools we utilized,” Robert Jr. told the Washington Post back in 2012. “They were expected in the military. It was part of our development as adults.”

Turns out, RG3 also uses his football cleats as a means to celebrate non-military holidays.

Flag Day is June 14 and it's pretty easy to envision what that shoe will look like. Here's to hoping RG3 embraces an entire head-to-toe look.

* via Sports Bog

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