LOOK: Russell Wilson barely enters medical tent for concussion check before return

The NFL probably isn't going to be happy with Russell Wilson after watching him basically blow off his concussion check during the Seahawks' game against the Cardinals on Thursday. 

On the Seahawks' opening drive of the third quarter, Wilson took a big hit from Arizona's Karlos Dansby on a second-and-10 play from Seattle's 20-yard line. After the play, referee Walt Anderson thought that WIlson looked a little dazed, so he ordered the Seahawks quarterback over to the sideline so that he could be checked for a possible concussion. 

Referee Walt Anderson ordered Russell Wilson to get checked for a concussion.  NFL/NBC

Dansby was called for a personal foul. 

With a fresh set of downs for the Seahawks, Wilson didn't want to leave the field for Seattle's next play and he remained out there until Anderson made him go to the sideline. 

At that point, Wilson went into the Seahawks' medical tent, but he didn't allow any doctors to go in there with him. The Seahawks quarterback went in the tent for about three seconds, didn't get examined by anyone, and then went straight back out to the field. 

Russell Wilson was all alone in the Seahawks' medical tent.  NFL/NBC

Here's what Wilson's 10-second pitstop to the sideline looked like in real time. 

During his brief time in the tent, Wilson missed all of one play. 

The fact that Wilson didn't actually get checked out by anyone on the sideline left a lot of people baffled. 

With Wilson's quick in-and-out in the medical tent, it will be interesting to see if the NFL punishes him for skipping out on the requisite concussion check.

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