LOOK: Seahawks fan has team logo on prosthetic eyeball

Bill Vandenbush, a diehard Seattle fan, has a Seahawks logo on his prosthetic eyeball.
Bill Vandenbush sees your fanhood and raises it a notch. (Bill Vandenbush via KiroTV.com)

Every time you think you've found the most die-hard fan, the person willing to go to the greatest lengths to show their love for the NFL team, well, you find someone else. The latest amazing fan? Bill Vandenbush, a Seahawks fan with the team's logo on his EYEBALL.

Technically it's not a real eyeball if that helps: Vandenbush has the logo on a prosthetic eye his wife gave him for their 10-year wedding anniversary in June.

“I had mentioned it to my wife," Vandenbush told KiroTV.com. "She wasn’t a big Seahawks fan. I said it’d be cool to have Seahawks logo right there in my eye.”

Vandenbush ended up with the prosthetic eye as a result of his tour in Vietnam, where he was "blown up and shot five times."

The vet ended up without a right eye and has to be fitted for a new eye every six years.

He has a normal eye he uses and plans to use the Seahawks eye, which his wife surprised him with post Super Bowl, for "special occasions."

“Every game I’ll have it in, or any gathering with Seahawks’ fans present," Vandenbush said.

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