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Mascots are often expected to interact with the crowd during sporting events. However, this took an interesting turn during Thursday's game between the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks.

At the end of the first quarter, Taima the Hawk -- an actual bird -- ended up landing on a fan's head before returning to her handler.

As you can see, Taima the Hawk simply landed on the top of a fan's head and began flapping her wings. The fan did look a tad nervous, as most people probably would in that situation considering the size of Taima's talons. Eventually, Taima the Hawk flew back to her handler and everything was under control.

Taima the Hawk does have a history of getting away from her handler during a game.

Back in 2014, she landed on another fan's head prior to a game against the New York Giants. Taima the Hawk usually helps lead the Seahawks out of the tunnel when they run onto the field.

That certainly has to be quite the experience to have an unexpected bird land on your head while you're watching a football game. Clearly, Taima enjoys doing some exploring during Seahawks games.