LOOK: Sign at Philadelphia marathon mocks Sam Bradford's athleticism

Sam Bradford isn't even playing this week, but that didn't keep someone at the Philadelphia marathon from mocking him on Sunday. 

Marathons are long and hard, so it's nice to have fans around the 26.2 mile course cheering you on. It's even better when those fans bring funny signs, like the one below. 


It's harsh, but it's true.

Bradford isn't exactly known for his athleticism. In his five-year NFL career, the Eagles quarterbacks has only rushed for a total of 278 yards, which equates to about .15 miles. To put that in perspective, Cam Newton has rush for a total of 1.67 miles during his career. 

Anway, Bradford won't be rushing for any yards on Sunday because he'll be sitting out Philly's game against the Buccaneers due to a shoulder injury and a concussion. 

Even marathon fans are mocking Fam Bradford. (Twitter)
Even marathon fans are mocking Fam Bradford. (Twitter)

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