Apparently, there were only two people in the world who thought the Jaguars were good enough to win the Super Bowl this year, and both of them are going to be paid handsomely if the Jags end up winning the Lombardi Trophy. 

One of the first people to jump on the Jaguars' Super Bowl bandwagon this year was Jags defensive lineman Malik Jackson, who predicted back in July that Jacksonville would win the Super Bowl this season. 

If the Jaguars end up winning it all, Jackson and the rest of his teammate will each walk away with an extra $219,000 in playoff bonus money

If the Jags were to win the Super Bowl, the other big winner will be some random bettor in Las Vegas who dropped some serious money on the Jags to win it all back in February. Five days after the Patriots win in Super Bowl LI, someone walked into a William Hill Sportsbook in Las Vegas and bet $990 that Jacksonville would win Super Bowl LII. 

Now, that might not sound like a ton of money, but the bettor got 100-to-1 odds, which means he'll walk away with $99,000 in winnings if the Jaguars upset the Patriots on Sunday and go on to win Super Bowl. 

A lot of gambling eyes are going to be on the Jags-Patriots game this week, and that's because there were also some big preseason Super Bowl bets on the Patriots. Back in September, someone bet $53,700 that the Patriots would win Super Bowl LII. If that happens, the bettor will walk away with $150,000 in winnings. I know kind of how that guy feels, the Patriots were my preseason pick to win it all; I just won't win $150,000 if it happens. 

Anyway, if you want to see the current odds for this week's AFC and NFC Championship Games, you can check them out by clicking here.   

UPDATE (January 16): It appears that there's another bettor out there who went all-in on the Jaguars. This bettor made four separate Super Bowl bets at the Wynn Sportsbook in October and will walk away with nearly $110,000 in profit if the Jags win it all. The four bets ranged from $15 to $1,000 and were made at odds ranging from 65-to-1 to 75-to-1.