LOOK: Steelers lineman posts hilarious picture making fun of Le'Veon Bell situation

It has been over two weeks since the Steelers reported for training camp and Le'Veon Bell still hasn't shown up

Unfortunately for the Steelers though, there's nothing they can do about Bell's decision to skip training camp. Bell hasn't yet signed his one-year franchise tender, which means the Steelers can't fine him for missing camp because he's technically not an employee of the team right now. 

As you can imagine, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin isn't very happy with Bell and his decision not to show up. 

"I'm not comfortable. I think it would be naïve to be comfortable," Tomlin said this week, via the Steelers' official website. "If somebody is not here working and developing in the formal ways that we subscribe, then there are potential consequences for that. Consequences for him individually. There are consequences for us collectively. So, no I'm not (comfortable)."

Bell is holding out because he wanted an extension, which makes it almost ironic that Tomlin is mad because the Steelers coach was given an extension this month.  As a matter of fact, there have been a few players in Pittsburgh who have been given extensions recently, and Steelers lineman Ramon Foster managed to sum up the entire situation with one perfect picture. 

That is Tomlin holding money bags because he got an extension

That is Antonio Brown holding money bags because he got an extension

Alejandro Villanueva is also holding money bags because he also got an extension. Villanueva's contract actually came down to the wire though, and didn't get done until the day the Steelers actually reported for training camp. Anyway, all three of those extensions got done this offseason. The one player who didn't get an extension was Bell, and fittingly, Foster put a crying Jordan face over Bell in the picture. 

Based on the photo's caption, Foster only posted it because he really wants Bell to report to camp.

"Miss you L Bell. Come grab your bag man. Whenever you're ready tho."

The downside for Bell is that he can't "grab" his own money bag because he was hit with the franchise tag. Since Bell and the Steelers didn't reach a long-term contract by July 17, Bell only has two options: Sign his one-year deal and make $12.1 million this year or sit out the season. 

The running back can report as late as Week 10 of the regular season and still be eligible to play.

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