LOOK: Terrell Owens on Madden cover in Cowboys uni, first look at 49ers' Richard Sherman

Get your popcorn ready for the newest edition of "Madden," which will feature Terrell Owens on the cover. This is the Hall of Fame version of the popular EA Sports football video game  (a "regular" cover player will be announced in June) and it will have Owens, who was inducted into the most recent class of Canton, dressed up as a Cowboys receiver.

That has plenty of people questioning it, even if he's best remembered as a member of Dallas. He was drafted by the 49ers and spent the majority of his career with San Francisco from a "most years on one team" perspective. Cowboys fans are probably most miffed about Owens mocking the Star as a member of the Niners.

Here's how Owens looks on the cover:

via EA Sports

And here's Owens announcing his "return to football" -- remember the elderly wide receiver has, for years, claimed he could still get back out on the field and catch like 60 passes. We're not fully immersed into the NFL offseason until Owens rips someone with the Cowboys and claims he can still play in the NFL.

Also of note from EA Sports announcement are some new features in "Madden 19" (man we're old), including the ability to utilize "fan favorite" celebrations following touchdowns. This includes something from the Steelers that looks like a "Street Fighter II" or "Dr. Strange" situation.

via EA Sports

Gamers now have the ability to "hit the hole" and "push the pile," meaning running backs can push onto blockers and get them out of the way rather than wait for a hole to open up. Bonus: we get to see Saquon Barkley in action for the Giants.

via EA Sports

There is also a "one cut" feature that will allow offensive players to juke defensive players. Good news: we get to see Richard Sherman in action with a 49ers jersey. Bad news: TO is juking him.

via EA Sports
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