One of the biggest issues the NFL faced heading into Super Bowl 50 was how to get the turf at Levi's Stadium to hold up.

Since August 2014, when the first NFL game was played at the $1.3 billion stadium, the turf has basically been a disaster. During the 2014 season alone, the 49ers had to replace the turf a total of five times. 

The field at Levi's has been torn out more than once. (
The field at Levi's has been torn out more than once. (CBS Sports)

The 2015 season also got off to a rough start when the 49ers had to cancel an open practice that was scheduled to be held in front of 20,000 fans at Levi's Stadium. The team decided that the field wasn't safe enough to practice on. 

For the Super Bowl, the thinking was that the turf wouldn't be a problem because the NFL was going to install new grass, a process that started on Jan. 11. However, the new grass didn't solve anything because the league ran into the same problems the 49ers had faced. 

After the Broncos and Panthers went through pregame warmups, several groundskeepers had to go on the field and replace the divots. 

Divots weren't the only problem, though, as there was another issue with the slickness of the field. In the clip below, you can see just how bad it got. Panthers left tackle Michael Oher basically looks like he's on ice skates as he's being pushed backwards by DeMarcus Ware. 

Oher wasn't asked about the turf after the game, but Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was and he said he hated it.

"The footing on the field was terrible," Talib said, via the Associated Press. "San Fran has to play eight games on that field, so they better do something to get it fixed. It was terrible."

Super Bowl MVP said that the field was fine, but only after he made a minor adjustment. 

"I had to change my cleats," Denver linebacker Von Miller said. "It was a great field. We came out here [Saturday], and it was fast. As the game went on, I just needed a little more support. I was able to get the detachable [spikes] and real quick change them."

Even if the field was bad, Panthers coach Ron Rivera wasn't about to use it as an excuse for the 24-10 loss. 

"Both teams played on the same field," Rivera said. "As far as I'm concerned, for me to be able to blame the field is kind of a cop-out. The truth of the matter is we both played on the surface. The surface was outstanding."

Broncos kicker Brandon McManus, who kicked three field goals in the game, told the Sacramento Bee that the field was "pretty good."

Even if the field wasn't great, it held up better than earlier this season. Back in October, Russell Wilson was tackled by a divot. There was also another incident where Ravens kicker Justin Tucker was almost lost in a small sinkhole