LOOK: Texans, Bengals will wear Color Rush jerseys for 'Thursday Night Football'

Another season of "Thursday Night Football" means another season of the NFL's Color Rush jerseys. NFL teams will wear color-blocked uniforms when playing in mid-week contests, starting with the Houston Texans and Cincinnatii Bengals this week. 

The Texans announced on their website that they'd be wearing the same look they did last season, which the team says are "Deep Steel Blue jerseys and pants that have different bordering on the neck and numbers, as well as different striping on the outside of the legs."

Here's a look:

The Bengals, according to Houston's announcement, will be in their all-white Color Rush look. That seems to point toward the team also wearing the same jerseys as they did last season. You can check those out right here:

If the first two TNF participants are wearing the same Color Rush jerseys, it's at least somewhat reasonable to expect the rest of the NFL (or most of it) to do so as well. Here's a look at all 32 Color Rush jerseys from the 2016 season:


Washington proposed a rule change eliminating these jerseys  because the team is not big on the mustard-yellow look. Because they weren't on the "TNF" schedule last season, they didn't have to don this Ronald McDonald homage, and owner Daniel Snyder would like to keep it that way. 

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