If we learned one thing about football over the weekend, it's that snow makes everything better and the Colts-Bills game was definitely proof of that. 

Going into Week 14, the game in Buffalo was just a blip on the NFL radar, however, after the snow started falling at New Era Field, it quickly became the most talked about game on the Sunday afternoon schedule. 

You like snowmen? Check. 

You like players buried in an avalanche of snow? The game also had that. 

You like winter puns? Yup, this game had those, too. 

You like white-out conditions? Then this was definitely the game for you. 

The best part about the game is that NFL Films had a stable of cameras In Buffalo to document the Bills' blizzard-filled 13-7 overtime win. Not only did NFL Films get everything on video, but they also mic'd up Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander for the game, which made for some dramatic footage. 

Alexander, who was born in California and didn't sign with the Bills until 2016, seemed pretty excited about playing in arctic conditions. 

"Buffalo weather. I ain't never seen nothing like this," Alexander says in the NFL Films video. "I'm going to have some fun running around."

One thing we find out thanks to the NFL Films footage is that the Bills were actually slightly worried about being able to see the Colts' uniforms. 

"They got white on?" Alexander says to a teammate. 

"It's going to be like seeing ghosts with just blue numbers," The teammate replies. 

The California-native also admitted that he had never played in a blizzard before. 

"You ever played in a game like this," a teammate asks Alexander. 

"Nope. Only on a video game," Alexander said. "This is video game weather right here."

The NFL footage, which you can see below, is definitely worth watching and for good measure, they also threw in some Christmas music.