LOOK: Throw a beer can at Doug Pederson and he's a better receiver than Nick Foles

Nick Foles might have made the most surprising catch of Super Bowl LII, but if we're judging purely on style points, his touchdown catch against the Patriots might not top what his own head coach did during the Eagles' parade on Thursday. 

Doug Pederson was standing on top of a bus during the parade when a fan apparently decided to throw a beer at Pederson. On the surface, this seems like a disaster waiting to happen: We have a presumably drunk man throwing a full can of beer to someone standing on top of a bus that's at least 10 yards away. 

The crazy thing is that the throw and catch were executed as flawlessly as the Eagles' Super Bowl game plan. The man with the can of beer threw it to Pederson, who caught it with one-hand like he's been making one-handed beer catches his entire life. 

Let's watch. 

There are thousand things that could have happened there: The throw could have fallen short, the throw could have gone long, Pederson could have dropped it, the throw could have hit the bus, the throw could have hit someone in the head and knocked them out, Pederson could have made a less cool two-handed catch. But no, these are the Eagles, who have defied the odds all season, and once again, Pederson defied the odds with his catch. 

I mean, he made that look easy. The Eagles were parading all over Philadelphia to celebrate their 41-33 win over the Patriots.

If you missed out on the parade, you can catch up by clicking here.  The star of the show -- besides Pederson and his one-handed beer catch -- was Jason Kelce, who gave a rousing speech, which you can read by clicking here

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