Julio Jones has made some impressive catches in his career, but not many of them have topped the one that he made on Monday night against Buffalo. 

During the first half of the Titans' 34-31 wild win over the Bills, Tennessee was facing a third-and-8 from its own 23-yard line. With their passing game borderline nonexistent to that point, the Titans needed a big play and they got it when Ryan Tannehill completed a pass to Jones, who made one of the wildest 48-yard catches that you'll ever see. 

The pass from Tannehill traveled roughly 45 yards in the air and it was so accurate that it hit Buffalo's Micah Hyde in the back of his head. If Hyde had been playing the ball, he might had been able to pick off the pass, but he never turned around and that set up the wild catch that you can see below. 

Here's closer look at the play so you can fully appreciate what Jones had to do to make the catch. After the ball bounced off Hyde's helmet, Jones had to track it down AND then catch it with both feet in the field of play, and that's exactly what he did. 

The Bills were called for two penalties on the play -- defensive pass interference and offsides -- but the Titans declined them both. 

The crazy catch from Jones helped set up a Randy Bullock field goal that would cut Buffalo's lead to 13-10. The catch by Julio was one of just several crazy plays that went down in the first half. The Titans also got a 76-yard touchdown run from Derrick Henry, which was a big reason why they were only trailing 20-17 at the half, despite being outgained 244-171. Of Tannehill's 71 yards passing in the first half, 53 of them went to Jones, who exited the game in the fourth quarter with a hamstring injury. 

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