If there's one non-football event every year where your guaranteed to see the NFL's biggest stars, it's the Kentucky Derby. For some reason, the annual horse race in Louisville has turned into the social event of the offseason for dozens of players in the NFL. 

Take Tom Brady, for example. Unofficially, I don't think Brady has missed the event since the first one was held in 1875. OK, that's not true, but it does kind of seem that way because Brady is at the Derby pretty much every year, and 2017 is going to be no exception. 

The Patriots quarterback started his annual trek to the Derby on Friday when he jumped on a private jet with several teammates -- including Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brissett and Julian Edelman

Note: Gronk is not in that picture. We do not know where Gronk is. Gronk is MIA. 

Brady's group -- minus Gronk -- made it to Louisville just in time for the Kentucky Oaks, which is the annual Friday race held one day before the Derby. 

By the way, Brady wasn't the only former NFL MVP who decided to travel to Louisville for the weekend's events. Aaron Rodgers is also in town for the Derby, and, as fate would have it, the two quarterbacks ran into each other, and we know that because Katie Couric made sure to document it. 

It appears that Brady's goal for the weekend is to take a picture with every athlete he runs into. Besides Rodgers, Brady also got a photo in with David Ortiz.

Came to watch the 🐎 and ran into the 🐐#kentuckyderby

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Oh, and Brady also managed to get a photo with Jerry Rice. 

Amazing day #thegreats @tombrady @julianedelman #therunfortheroses

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The fun for Brady actually started on Friday, when took his buddy Jacoby Brissett to the Kentucky Oaks race, where they ran into Rodgers. 

Two GOATs at a horse race. Who would've thought?

Between the two of them, Brady and Rodgers have won six Super Bowls and they've been named NFL MVP a combined four times. They also wear the same number. 

Brissett definitely looks like he feels a little out of place. 

Anyway, Brady and Rodgers both got in town early because they were both attending the same Derby party on Friday night. 

Both quarterbacks, along with dozens of other celebrities, spent their evening at the Barnstable Brown Derby Eve Gala, a charity event that's in its 29th year. 

The good news for fans is that it looks like both quarterbacks have been open to having their pictures taken this weekend. 

Here's Rodgers at the charity party:

Rodgers was also jumping in on selfies. 


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Brady was also willing to jump in on a few photos. 

New squad it's chill

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By the way, I think Brady will be making that face all weekend, because he also made the same face while taking a photo with Edelman and Danny Amendola. 

Let's Always Go.

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The post time for the Kentucky Derby is at 6:25 p.m. ET on Saturday. For the latest on the 143rd Run for the Roses, follow all the action in our live blog.