LOOK: Tom Brady and Snoop Dogg hang out Saturday night

Just Tom Brady and Snoop Dogg hanging out. NBD.
Just Tom Brady and Snoop Dogg hanging out. NBD. (Instagram)

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There are certain levels of celebrity in America. When two A-listers mix, it's always a good time. For instance, Tom Brady and Snoop Dogg. 

The two were hanging backstage before a Snoop show on Saturday and, in a show of which one is the bigger celeb, Snoop posted a picture of him and Brady on Instagram.

You could argue that Snoop is a "bigger" celeb and I wouldn't disagree. But Snoop is also everywhere and pretty accessible. Landing a pic with Brady seems a lot tougher to pull than a pic with Snoop.

And now Mrs. Brinson and I will spend the rest of our Sunday arguing who is the bigger celeb. For the record, I'm an idiot for thinking Brady is bigger she says.

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