When Tom Brady takes the field on Super Bowl Sunday, it will be Brady's seventh appearance in the NFL's biggest game. If that sounds like a lot, that's because it is.

Brady has played in so many Super Bowls that he actually has more Super Bowl experience under his belt than the entire Falcons roster.

If Super Bowl playing experience means anything, then the Falcons should probably just forfeit based on those numbers. There are only four players on the Falcons' active roster who have played in a Super Bowl: Dwight Freeney, Dashon Goldson, Courtney Upshaw and Philip Wheeler, who have combined to play in five Super Bowls.

And then there's Brady, who's played in six Super Bowls to date. If you're scoring at home, that's six Super Bowls for Brady and five for the entire Falcons' roster (Brady's seventh Super Bowl on Feb. 5 will give him the NFL record for most Super Bowls by a player).

Of course, the good news for Atlanta is that Super Bowl inexperience has actually been a good thing over the past few years. Dating to the 2005 season, the team that went into the Super Bowl with less experience ended up winning in seven of the past 10 games (via NFL Research). That total doesn't include Super Bowl XLVII, when the 49ers and Ravens both had four players with Super Bowl experience.

Including Brady, the Patriots will have a total of 22 players with Super Bowl experience, while the Falcons will have just the four previously mentioned players.

Although Falcons' players don't have much experience in the big game, the same can't be said for their coach. Super Bowl LI will mark the third time in four years that Dan Quinn has coached in a Super Bowl. The Falcons head coach was the defensive coordinator for the Seahawks for Super Bowl XLVIII and XLIX, the latter of which just happened to be a loss to the Patriots.