One way to get over a devastating Super Bowl loss is to leave the country, and that's exactly what Tom Brady did over the weekend. 

The Patriots quarterback is currently on vacation in Costa Rica, and we know that because he shared a romantic picture on Instagram of that showed him sharing a kiss with Gisele. The best part of the picture might actually be the caption, "This Sunday's outcome is a lot better than last Sunday's!"

Brady also included the hashtag, #LosingStreatStopsAtOne

Costa Rica has basically turned into Brady's home away from home. In his Facebook documentary, "Tom vs. Time," Brady mentions several times how much he loves vacationing in the Central American country. 

Of course, Brady doesn't just go there to vacation. After all, this is Tom Brady we're talking about, so you know he'll also get some serious workout time in during his vacay. Here's a picture of Brady getting a serious workout in during his last trip to Costa Rica in 2017.  

Brady has been kind of laying low since the end of the Super Bowl, but we should hear from him again soon when Part 6 of his documentary is released at some point over the next few weeks. In that installment, Brady is expected to talk about what it was like to lose such an emotional game. Maybe he'll even talk about whether or not he purposely snubbed Nick Foles at the Super Bowl after the game. The two quarterbacks didn't shake hands after the game. 

Although Brady skipped out on the postgame handshake with Foles following the Eagles 41-33 win, he did congratulate Philadelphia on their win in a lengthy Instagram post from Friday