LOOK: Tom Brady really, really wants you to buy his new Under Armour pajamas

Less than one year after releasing a cookbook that's not actually a cookbook -- it's a nutritional manual -- Tom Brady has decided to dabble in something else.

The Patriots quarterback has teamed up with Under Armour to sell pajamas, and like the cookbook that's not actually a cookbook, these pajamas aren't actually pajamas. The technical name for Brady's new product is Athlete Recovery Sleepwear.

If you're wondering how your pajamas are different from Under Armour's Athlete Recovery Sleepwear ... well, I can't really explain it, but apparently, it has something to do with bioceramic technology.

According to Under Armour, the TB12-approved bioceramics technology has been incorporated "into a pattern lining the garments, which are designed to maximize comfort and fit. The pattern includes special bioceramic particles that absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back Far Infrared, helping the body recover faster while promoting better sleep."

That description almost makes the $80-to-$100 price tag sound like a bargain.

Brady is so enthusiastic about his new pajamas that he even made a fun commercial to help sell them.

"I firmly believe that sleep and recovery are critical aspects of an effective and holistic training program," Brady said in a statement. "Proper sleep has helped me get to where I am today as an athlete and it is something that I continue to rely on every day. I am excited to partner with Under Armour to bring game-changing sleepwear with the same bioceramics technology I use, to athletes all around the world."

Brady is clearly hoping that other athletes will use his sleepwear, and based on the video below, it looks like he'd really appreciate it if The Rock would buy his pajamas from Brady and Under Armour.

If you want to buy some of Brady's sleepwear, just head over to Under Armour's website and check it out. The company is making sleepwear for both men and women.

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