When Tom Brady unveiled his at-home food delivery service last month, it seemed like a great deal: For only $78 per week, you could eat like Tom Brady. 

Sure, Brady has one of the weirdest diets of any player in the NFL, but whatever he's eating seems to be working because he's still going strong with the Patriots at age 39. 

The good news is that we can now copy Brady's diet, because we know what he's eating: Beluga Lentil Tacos. 

Try and order that at your next taco Tuesday celebration. 

The Patriots quarterback gave us a peak into his culinary world on Wednesday when he shared a picture on Instagram that showed him eating the very TB12 food products that he's selling with Purple Carrot

Although some athletes will endorse a product, but then never use it, that's not the case with Brady, who ordered the tacos and then cooked him with his daughter. 

We broke out the latest TB12 Performance Meal last night. Beluga Lentil Tacos...So good!! Link in bio

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If you're wondering how you can eat like Brady, all you have to do is go to PurpleCarrot.com and be willing to fork over $78 per week for the food.

If you're willing to pony up the cash, the company will send you three meals, which is really six meals because each meal has two servings each. Basically, you're paying about $13 per meal to eat like Brady. Besides the tacos, other recipes from the meal plan include: Thai Green Curry with Ginger Lemongrass Quinoa and Summer Squash, BBQ Jackfruit with Green Chili Polenta and Collard Apple Slaw, plus Pasta Fagioli with Tender Asparagus and Basil Pistou. 

I'll be honest guys, I just had to Google Jackfruit

The big catch with Brady's food program is that if you join, you have to be willing to give up meat, because apparently, every recipe used for the TB12 food program is plant-based and gluten-free.

If $78 is too steep of a price for a few beluga lentil tacos, then you can buy something cheaper: Brady also sells a $50 bag of nuts. I'm not sure what the going rate is for a bag of nuts, but that seems a little steep.

Finally, if you're looking to embrace the entire Brady diet and you have $200 to spare, you can buy his cookbook, which isn't actually a cookbook. Brady prefers the term "nutrition manual." 

Anyway, what all of this means is that as soon as Brady retires from football, there's a 40 percent chance he's going to get his own show on the Food Network.