LOOK: TV station says Jake Butt's position with the Broncos is 'Tight Butt'

Denver Broncos rookie tight end Jake Butt has likely heard more than enough jokes and puns about his name, especially considering the position he plays on the football field. Unfortunately for him, they probably won't be stopping any time soon.

In fact, just this week the former Michigan Wolverines standout was victimized by a lower-third television graphic. Well, actually, it's hard to say he was victimized when the graphic was quite complimentary.

Now, we're not completely sure whether this was accidental or not. Maybe the Colorado Springs station mistakenly mixed Butt's position and name together and ended up with a hilarious result, but maybe it wasn't a mistake at all. Maybe it was just the graphics person at News Channel 13 paying the tight end a compliment about his tight end. Maybe we'll never know. 

In any case, it's important for Jake to remember it could always be worse.

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