LOOK: Two refs fist bump after Broncos TD; Bills players not happy

Two refs got excited after making a good call on Sunday. (CBS)
Two refs got excited after making a good call on Sunday. (CBS)

The NFL wants you to know that the refs weren't rooting for the Broncos to beat the Bills on Sunday, although some Bills players and Bills fans definitely felt that way after the game.

A few eyebrows were raised in the second quarter when two refs fist bumped each other after Broncos running back C.J. Anderson scored on a 1-yard touchdown run.  

Bills safety Aaron Williams was one of several players who took the fist bump to mean that the refs were favoring Denver. 

An NFL spokesman told the Associated Press that the two officials -- line judge John Hussey and umpire Carl Paganelli -- were celebrating the fact they made a good call on a close play where Anderson barely appeared to get in the end zone. 

"It was an acknowledgment of good mechanics between the two officials involved in making the call," NFL spokesman Michael Signora said.

Bills running back Anthony Dixon doesn't sound like he agrees with that assessment. Dixon said he felt like his team was going up against the Broncos and the officials all day. 

 "It definitely felt like it was about 16 on 11," Dixon said, via ESPN.com

Bills corner Corey Graham didn't sound thrilled when told of the fist bump after the game, "It doesn't surprise me," Graham said, via Syracuse.com. "It's not a good look."

Another Bills players, Nickell Robey, attributed the bad officiating to some home-cooking.

"We understand that it's Denver. We understand that they are the AFC champions and all that other stuff," Robey said. "But at the end of the day, you have to call the game how it's supposed to be called. Some things just could have gone our way but they didn't. But I guess that's what happens when you're in someone else's territory." 

For the record, the Bills were penalized 11 times for 98 yards in the 24-17 Denver win. On the other end, the Broncos were penalized five times for 45 yards in the game. 

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