LOOK: Vikings' Teddy Bridgewater is working out without a brace on his knee

This time last year, the Minnesota Vikings looked like a possible sleeper team in the NFC. They had a young, improving defense led by a good tactical mind in head coach Mike Zimmer. They had Adrian Peterson coming off another sparkling season. And they had Teddy Bridgewater, a rising quarterback prospect ready to take the next big step forward and seize full control of the offense. 

Little did they know, they were only a few weeks away from losing Bridgewater to a traumatic knee injury that knocked him out for the entire 2016 season. The quick action by the team and trainers saved his leg, but by October, there was concern that he would never make it back onto the field in the NFL again. 

Even in January, after that prognosis had been upgraded, there was still a belief that Bridgewater would not play at all during the 2017 season. By May, though, Bridgewater was back on the field with his teammates for OTAs

As you can see in that video, Bridgewater was wearing a pretty hefty brace on his knee during those workouts. About six weeks later, Teddy's ditched the brace. He posted a picture to Instagram this week that shows him working out, brace-less. (Bridgewater's account is private, but the picture was acquired by the Star-Tribune.) 

Bridgewater is working out on the field without a brace. Instagram

That's about 11 months post-injury. It's great to see Bridgewater making progress, and it'll be even better when we can see him on the field once again. 

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