Watch Now: Time to Schein: Von Miller talks Denver Broncos performance (1:17)

With NFL free agency set to begin in just over one month, it looks like Von Miller has stepped up his recruiting game in order to get Kirk Cousins to Denver. 

The recruiting started the week before the Super Bowl when Miller made it very, very clear that he would like to see Cousins sign with the Broncos when free agency begins on March 14. 

"[Kirk] knows exactly how I feel about Kirk Cousins and what he'd mean to our team," Miller said during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show on Jan. 31. "And what he would mean to a lot of other teams. He's the hot quarterback on the market right now. ... Yeah, we need Kirk. We need Kirk. I'd like to have Kirk. We have great quarterbacks now. Kirk could take us over the edge."

Miller has now taken his recruiting to social media, where he is trying to recruit Kirk based on their love of the same cereals. It all started three days ago when Cousins posted a picture to his Instagram page of Frosted Mini Wheats and Cracklin' Oat Bran. 

At that point, Miller, who is clearly keeping tabs on Cousins, commented on the quarterback's Instagram picture. 

I'm thinking Miller is going to send Cousins a lifetime supply of Frosted Mini Wheats if he decides to sign with the Broncos.  

Anyway, one day after the cereal picture, Cousins posted a photo of a rainbow. 

Love a good rainbow #almostadouble #allthewayacrossthesky

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And guess what: Von Miller NOW LOVES RAINBOWS. 

These two have so much in common, I don't see how Cousins could NOT sign with the Broncos. By the way, Cousins posted that rainbow picture from the Grand Cayman Islands, and i'm half surprised that Miller didn't jump on the first flight out of Denver so he could continue his recruiting pitch in the Caribbean. 

The one thing we don't know is if any of this recruiting is working. Cousins tweeted out a picture with his newborn son on Tuesday, and let's just say that it appears the two guys haven't decided where Kirk is going to play next.