LOOK: Von Miller wore a fox hat with actual feet

Von Miller wore an amazing hat on Sunday.
Von Miller wore an amazing hat on Sunday. (via DenverBroncos.com)

When he entered the NFL, Broncos linebacker Von Miller drew plenty attention for proclivity for wearing large spectacles. No one's really talked about that in a while, so maybe Miller felt the need to draw some attention by wearing a gigantic fur hat on his head.

"I got this hat in Kurdistan during the USO Tour," Miller said. "I went out there for the USO Tour to see the troops and this is what I came back with. So it’s kind of got a close spot in my heart."

Miller said the hat is made from a fox. And you know what? It looks pretty warm and comfortable. 

On the other hand it HAS FEET DANGLING FROM IT. 

This hat ... looks familiar. But it's hard to place exactly where ... 

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