The Seattle Seahawks had a surprise guest on their team Zoom meeting this week. Actor and comedian Will Ferrell showed up, posing as tight end Greg Olsen. Seahawks players were told by head coach Pete Caroll they would be welcoming in a new player, and after describing him as a former Carolina Panther and a Pro Bowler, Olsen was introduced, but looking a little but different.

Instead of Olsen, it was actually Ferrell. He took on the role of Olsen and committed, never breaking character.

Wearing a No. 12 Seahawks jersey he started out saying:

"Coach thanks so much so excited to be here. So excited to be a Seahawk and excited to play with you Russ, Russ I love you. I love you. I love the way you play. I love the way you handle yourself as a human being."

Russell Wilson responding by laughing and saying he felt the same way about him. 

Ferrel -- or "Olsen" -- gave his goals for the season saying, "I came here to catch some passes and that's what I hope to do. What I did mostly for Carolina is I drew up my own plays, so I'm gonna be adding a lot to the playbook."

His first drawn up play: "90-G9-Flywheel-Kanye-Starburst." Not sure we'll see that on game day. 

Ferrell then listed his demands from the team, noting that he will never been on special teams, "not ever, even if all 52 guys are hurt," which caused everyone to laugh. He joked that he'd be doing broadcasting during the actual games, referencing the times Olsen has spent in the booth. 

"I know what you're thinking I'm an older guy, I'm 36," Ferrell, who is actually 52, said. 

Showing his stomach to the camera, he asked "does this look like the body of a 36-year-old? I don't think so!"

Carroll took the opportunity to say that Ferrell "may wanna work on that core a little bit."

Eventually, the real Greg Olsen showed, looking more fit than Ferrell, and likely prepared with plays that would be better executed than the "90-G9-Flywheel-Kanye-Starburst."

During the off-season, Olsen and the Panthers parted ways after nine years. The tight end joined the Seahawks with a one-year $7 million deal.