If you watched the Broncos' Super Bowl ring ceremony this week and got insanely jealous because you don't have a Super Bowl ring, well, you can now fix that problem. Kind of.

If you have an internet connection and about $5,000, you can purchase a replica Super Bowl ring that's kind of like that real one.

Jostens, the company that produced each of the Broncos' Super Bowl rings, also makes a version of the ring for fans, and let's just say, it doesn't come cheap. The replica ring costs more than most engagement rings. Of course, if you're marrying a Broncos fan, maybe this could be the engagement ring.

For $5,299, you get a ring that's made of 10-karat white gold and includes 32 diamonds.

Although that's a nice ring, it's nothing close to what the Broncos received.

As you can see below, the Broncos received a ring that's basically just a giant diamond.

That's some serious bling, which is what you would expect from something that includes 212 diamonds.

Here's the two rings side-by-side.

The Broncos' Super Bowl ring [left] is slightly nicer than the replica ring offered to fans. Jostens

Although we don't know how much the Broncos' ring is worth, each one likely cost more than $37,000. The Patriots ring from Super Bowl XLIX was worth $36,500, and the new Super Bowl winner generally tops that total each year.

Anyway, if you haven't bought a gift for Father's Day yet, nothing says, "I love you dad," like a $5,299 replica Super Bowl ring.